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Printer Repair


All software printer issues can be done onsite & same day.

All hardware issues can usually be done overnight. Due to our business structure we focus on computer repair, we may refer you to another local vendor as our business volume dictates.

Please call us for a free evaluation over the phone 1300637326

Why wait days and or weeks for computer repair? Call us for Immediate Service!!! Our Service Area is Australia Wide Nation Wide

We Featuring A+ Certified PC Technicians, Microsoft MCSE, and Cisco.

See our Networking page for information on home network/wifi support. See our Computer repair page for computer repair issues.

See why thousands of Home & Office customers call us for all their computer needs.

Business/Home Computer service calls are charged $105.00 Per Hour. Business/Home Networking service calls are $195.00 Per Hour. Business/Home Computer Service Number 1300 637326

We offer after extended service on weekends along with after-hours service. Please call ahead to check availability.

Our Technicians can fix any PC problem fast.

We can replace ink and print heads and repair belts and print head cradles. For all different types of printer repairs ring our nation wide helpdesk we can come to you same day.


Computer Repairs Services

Fast Same Service. Home & Business Computer Repairs. We come to you. Get service straight away. Tel: 1300637326 

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Home Computer Networking Wired/Wireless Setup

Home Computer Networking Wired/Wireless Setup

A Reliable network starts with quality materials and planning to fit your business expectations. Our consultants will meet with you to design the optimum layout for your current and future needs.

We can setup your Home network with multiple data drops with minimum lead time. We use Cisco/Linksys Hubs, Routers, Wireless access points, Switches along with BAFO CAT5e CAT6 to ensure the integrity and lifespan of your Home Network.

If you would like a wireless network setup for your home, we will configure it using the best security available, so only you can access it. On random drives around the city we find hundreds on wireless networks unsecured. Those people running an unsecured network are at risk to hackers, viruses, data theft, and even lawsuits if the network is unknowingly used for music pirating through internet file sharing programs like the pirate bay.

If you are having a problem with your current network, please do not hesitate to call us at 1300637 326 for immediate help. We can even work after hours to keep downtime to a minimum.

That is why thousands of local business choose us for their network needs.

Home Networking Rate: $185.00 Per Hour

Need a Virtual Private Network connection from home to office? Click Here: VPN


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Business IT support | Network Computers for Folder and file sharing | Printer Installation | VPN setups. Computer repairs company Australia | nerdcore computers service centre | 1300 637 326

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Computer Tips 2019 ( FAQ

Computer Tips

Top Twelve Reasons Computers Crash:

Too many applications running.Software conflicts.

Hardware Conflicts.

Corrupted Files/folders.

Not enough RAM.

Bad RAM.

Hard Drive with HDI (Head to disk interface) apparent by rattling noise.

Incorrect Hardware Drivers.

Virus/Spyware/Malware/Adware infections running in background.

Hardware failure.

File sharing unitilties (Bit-Torrent & Frostwire).

Malicious user software downloads and installed pirated software.

Networking conflicts.

• Set up file-sharing software carefully, making sure that no private files or folders are being shared.

• Be aware of potential spyware, and think about using software that can prevent downloading or delete intrusive programs.

• Close connections when finished using file-sharing software, to avoid accidentally sharing files.

• Use and update antivirus software.

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