If you get a call from “Microsoft’s Technical Department”, Hang-Up!

If you get a call from “Microsoft’s Technical Department”, Hang-Up!

1) It is not really a call from Microsoft, it is a scam being run out of India by a group representing themselves as a “Microsoft’s Technical Department”, who have nothing to do with Microsoft.

2) Microsoft makes NO outbound telephone calls.  Microsoft has over 400 million active users and neither has the time nor inclination to call individual users to tell you that you have a virus, or that your computer is being used for illegal purposes.

The Scam:

These individuals want you to let them gain access to your computer remotely to perform a “free” analysis of the particular problem.

Then they show you “fake” results of a system scan which shows an abundance of security errors.  If you look up these scams on the Internet (even on YouTube), you will observe that there are misspellings within the scan results (like Windoows, and other simple words which are misspelled).

This is proof that the test results were pre-created and have nothing to do with your computer.

Once they have shown you the fake error results, they will quote you a price typically between $199-$299 to fix your computer.

This is a complete rip-off.  The fair price for a comprehensive computer repair is between $129-$179.

When you refuse their service, or tell them you need to think about it first, then the damage occurs.  They disable your computer and often tell you that it is now inoperable.

Never allow anyone to gain access to your computer that you don’t trust!

We have seen this occur over and over again with individuals who then come to us for a repair after dealing with these scammers.

If you are unfortunate enough to have an experience with these unscrupulous individuals and your computer is disabled, fear not, we can help you regain the full function of your computer!

Find comfort in the fact that at Nerdcore computers service centre, all of our Technicians are based in Australia, extremely well disciplined, mission oriented who use a targeted approach.  Our Technicians possess exceptional skills, are honest and know exactly what they are doing.

We never look at personal files or photographs because we have a more important job to do; getting your computer to work at its’ best and then going on to repair the next one.

By the way, we only charge $99.00 for a comprehensive computer repair, including a complete optimization of your system (getting it to run at its fastest possible speed) with no additional hourly fees, ever.

We NEVER make outbound calls.

So when someone calls you to tell you there is something wrong with your computer, simply hang up!  There is no way for them to know that information.

If you didn’t do that and find yourself in trouble, feel free to call us!

Happy Computing!

The nerdcore group

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