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Professional Data Recovery Experts Effective Cost Solutions


you have important data on any media type and you cannot access your
important files, best practise is to immediately stop using the media.
Powering ON, reading or writing to your media can do further damage or
can impair data recovery. If your files are worth time, money, your
business or sentimental value.Call us and remember the prices will vary
dramatically if you bring to us.
you choose to send your media to us, you can rest assure that we will
keep your files 100% confidential and do our best to minimize any
downtime to your business or personal IT infrastructure.
are a Professional Data Recovery business that aim to provide a service
of great importance at affordable rates for our clients without any up
front cost. We are based Melbourne, but also offer on-site services
where applicable, local pick up and delivery of media can also be
arranged. We also now offer priority services for very urgent cases..
note fees apply.
Job is different according to your data retrieval we advise to bring
your device into to us as soon as you can or ring a recognized
consultant on 1300 Nerdcore.
We can also recovery emails and convert pst files back into your Ms Office if its not in the cloud
  • Hard drives included
  • Ssd drive
  • Mobile phone
  • Sd card
  • Raid hard drive
  • Nas drive
  • Laptop hard drive
  • Desktop hard drive
  • Memory chip on usb thumb drives

  • Virus / Malware Infections
  • Clicking/Knocking sounds (damaged heads)
  • Seized Motor
  • Damaged controller board (PCB)
  • Hard Drive not detected in BIOS
  • Computer Clicking or Clunking Sounds
  • Scratching or grinding Sounds
  • Hard Drive not powering on at all
  • Hard Drive Not spinning 
  • Freezing or locking up the computer
  • Corrupted partition / File System
  • Deletion of Data from HDD
  • Bad Sectors on Disk.
  • Computer repairs for your current parts
all in one computer hard drives, also we might not have listed yours here if you cant see it ring us today.

Software Failure Data Recovery Prices:

offer data recovery services for all types of software failures. We
have a rapid response and recovery times for these types of data loss
issues. We can assist you with Operating system failure, Windows blue
screen, file system corruption & database corruption. We can preform
data recovery for software failure on all media types and brands such
as Seagate, Western Digital, Maxtor, Toshiba, Hitachi, Verbatim plus
more.  If software failure data loss occurs cease using the media, it
can make your data loss worse and permanently erase data.
Standard Service Time (24 – 72hrs Job ETA)
  • CD / DVD Recovery $175.00
  • SD Card $250.00
  • USB Flash Drive $250.00
  • HDD File System Corruption $250.00
  • Mobile Device Recovery $250.00
  • Accidental Hard Drive Format: $300.00

Hardware Failure Data Recovery Prices:

failure data loss is more complex to recover your data. We have
specialised equipment to analyse you data and determine what type of
failure has occurred. We can assist with many hardware failure types
such as firmware failure, head failure, platter seizure. These types can
occur from physical impact, environmental elements or just wear and
Standard Service Time (5-21days Job ETA)
 Time will depend on availability of hard drive parts
  • Hard Drive Firmware Failure – $500
  • PCB Repair / Failure – $350-$550
  • USB Flash Drives – $350-$550
  • Mobile Device Failure $500-$650
  • Head Stiction – $850.00
  • Head/Motor Failure – $1250.00
  • Raid Recovery – $400 per disk in array (array rebuild only) Recovery of Mechanically damaged disks are priced accordingly
There is no diagnostic fee to evaluate the condition of your drive.

Priority Data Recovery Prices:

offer a priority service for very urgent recoveries or sensitive
material where the job must be diagnosed and recovered immediately
putting your case at the top of our job list to be completed ASAP. This
services comes with an additional fee on top the the data recovery
service cost. We offer prioirity data recovery services for all types
of software and hardware failures. We have a rapid response and recovery
times for these types of data loss issues.  
Priority Service Time – Software Recovery (8hrs -36hrs Job ETA)
  • CD / DVD Recovery $175.00  + PFee $200
  • SD Card $250.00  + PFee $250
  • USB Flash Drive $250.00 + PFee $250
  • HDD File System Corruption $250.00 + PFee $250
  • Mobile Device Recovery $250.00 + PFee $250
  • HDD Deleted File Recovery $275.00 + PFee $275
  • Accidental Hard Drive Format: $300.00 + PFee $300

Priority Service Time – Software Recovery (1 -6days Job ETA)
  • Hard Drive Firmware Failure – $500 + PFee $500
  • Hard Drive Bad Sectors – $500 + PFee $500
  • PCB Repair / Failure – $350-$550 + PFee $500
  • USB Flash Drives – $350-$550  + PFee $500
  • Mobile Device Failure $500-$650 + PFee $500
  • Head Stiction – $850.00 + PFee $600
  • Head/Motor Failure – $1250.00 + PFee $1200
  • Raid Recovery – $400 per disk + PFee $400
  • For an ideal time frame and cost bring your drive directly to us so we can start.
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